Freedom Party
Vote for Change
Our Revolution

The Freedom Party has started five revolutions and will continue to strive hard until they are complete. Our endeavor of making education free for every Indian will not end until we achieve it. Vote for change.

1. Free Education up to Graduation

Our endeavor of making education free for every Indian will not end until we achieve it. We believe that 76 crore parents of 38 crore students will support us in this mission. Teachers, lecturers and professors are also with us in our struggle to make education free in private and government schools, colleges and universities.

2. Helping Minorities People Employing Advocates

The Freedom Party will appoint four senior advocates in every district and six senior advocates in the High court and Supreme Court to specifically help minorities.

These advocates are appointed for the protection and release of innocent people from jail when the police book fake cases against innocent minorities. Furthermore, we will ensure that police officer who involves in unlawful activities victimizing the innocent or supporting the culprits will be suspended and held in a court of law.

3. Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Esai, Apas Mein Hai Bhai Bhai

Some people of the majority have become thirsty for the blood of the minorities. The Freedom Party sees a future in which peace is maintained and all riots are stopped.

It is possible only in two ways.

The essential change in the humanity of every religion living in harmony and love must take place.

  1. Muslims, Dalit, Sikh and Christian must gather in one place i.e. in 10 states and rest of the 19 states for the majority’s people.
  2. If not every state must have 30%  district for minorities and 70% district for majorities.

4. Property of Every Political Leader will be seized

There is no limit to the number of illegal properties that have been captured by political leaders through extortion, seizing and scamming. Apart from this, there is a lot of property now owned by children of dead politicians. We will seize all this property and all those accounts that are being held secretly in the Swiss bank.

5. Shifting Six Departments under Supreme Court

A new amendment will be passed in parliament which will put the following six departments under the control of the Supreme Court.

    • All Branches of the Army
    • CBI
    • CID
    •  RBI
    • High court and the district court
    • Election commission of India

Supreme Court will operate independently and not come under the central government.