Creating a New India

New System
New Changes

A New India for a Happier Nation

The Freedom party will do the best changes in every department and give the best facilities to every Indian citizen.

1. New Voting System

A New Voting System will be created in which every Indian citizen can vote by sitting at home.


  •  100% polling will take place.
  •  Crores of government money will be saved.
  •  EVM and other election scams will come to an end.

2. New Bus System

As per the new bus system, each and every district will have air conditioned buses including Deluxe, Luxury and Volvo. Apart from removing all the old buses we will also increase the number of buses in every town and city.


  • Passengers can enjoy a comfortable journey.
  • No seating issues.
  • Ticket booking will be initiated only 3 days before the journey.

3. New Railway System

For the railways system, we plan on increasing the number of trains and ensuring on-time arrival and departures. To achieve this, a one way system will be implemented and tracks will not requiring changing.


  • Ticket booking will be initiated only 3 days before the journey.
  • No seating issues in general compartment as well.
  • No more Accidents.
  • On-time Arrival and Departure.

4. New Roadway System

The new road system is set to increase connectivity between cities, districts and states. The capital city will have a 200 feet wide road and the district roads will be 100 feet wide. Every district will have one way system roads and will be as smooth as roads in Singapore.


  • No traffic issues.
  • No more accident.
  • Time is saved.

5. New Police & Traffic System

A new system will be created in which cameras will be installed in every district, including police stations. The control for theses cameras will be given to the government, Electronic Media, Print Media, District Court and High Court.


  • Bribery will end.
  • Government will get benefits of crores of rupees.
  • Traffic challan’s will come home automatically with the help of cameras.  
  • Police officer who abuse innocent citizens like animals will be caught.

6. Court System

A new system will be created in which every decision of the court will be come in just six months.


  • No more pending court cases.
  • Punishment will be delivered swiftly.