Freedom Party
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About Us

Our Journey

Freedom Party is a social-democratic and social-liberal party that vehemently supports the values of freedom, tolerance equality and individual rights. Conceived in 2020 by Mohammed Awais, the party was founded with a mission to save india from the tyranny of polarization politics. As a team, we aim to work together so that every Indian citizen can get the facilities he deserves.                                        

What Freedom Party Believes

When the Freedom Party was conceived, we deliberately rejected off the most deceitful aspect of political parties — favorable seat distribution. Freedom party has given 40% seats to Muslims, 40% seats to Hindus, 10% seats to Sikh, and 10% seats to Christian in the parliamentary and assembly election. We are proud to be the only party to have such equal, unbiased, and virtuous criteria for candidate selection.

Why Are We Here?

1. To Save the Constitution

Ever since the government demolished the constitution of India with its action, the country’s democracy is being threatened. Our intention is to put ourselves in front and protect the World’s Largest Democracy — India.

2. To Safeguard the Minorities

In the span of the last five years, the government and its followers have exercised and spread extreme oppression on minorities. Freedom Partys utmost priority is to protect and elevate the minorities.

3. To Promote People’s Welfare

The present condition of the people of India could be so much better if not for the squandering of public money by scamming. India’s yearly income of Rupees Lakhs of Crores when put in the right use can do wonders for all of us. We believe in getting you the facilities you deserve.

4. To Fight Authoritative Crime

The Police have encountered many innocent lives in the name of self-defense while the motive was to suppress the minorities by booking fake cases, taking bribes, and supporting criminals. Enforcement of the law and abolishing criminal activities is a serious mission for us.

5. To Fight Free & Fair Elections

BJPs British inspired policy of divide and rule may have won them the election, but they have lost the trust and affection of the people by hatching polarizing plans. We wish to fight and win fair elections with the people’s votes and not in the name of Hindu-Muslim or masjid-mandir.