Freedom Party
Our Aim
Our Mission

Aim of the Freedom Party

The members of The Freedom Party have established clear aims during the foundation. We want you to know our mission, vision, and plan of action when we form the government at the center.

1. To Save Constitution of India

The democracy of this country can only be protected by upholding the constitution of the country wholly, without any exceptions.

2. Protecting Minorities Persecution & Injustice

We pledge to ensure the safety and well-being of the minorities and protect them from atrocities, persecution, and injustice.

3. Providing Facilities to Every Indian Citizen

The people of this country are not getting the facilities they deserve. We will make this possible by building the required infrastructure and providing them at low costs.

4. To Abolish Criminal Activities — Scams & Fake Encounters

Our ambition is to eradicate any form of crime existing in society and ensure that the culprit is held accountable and action is taken swiftly.

5. To Make India a Super Power in Technology & Finance

We will work with a strategic plan to develop the economy and establish India in the Globe as a technologically advanced superpower like America.

6. To Bring Change in Every Department of the Government

By selectively plucking the negative facets of every department of the government, we will reform these departments and ensure they function to serve the people more efficiently.