Corruption Free Transparency

We aim to bring facilities and amenities that are present in private hospitals to government hospitals so that every citizen can come here for their treatment. Our dream is to help those facing family constraints by granting money for domestic expenses.

One Nation Free Education

(Under One Nation Free Education, We at Freedom Party will ensure that,)
  • Free education up to graduation is provided in all private and government schools, colleges and universities.
  • 5,000/- monthly scholarship will be given to university students who score above 70% marks.
  • All private and government schools, colleges and universities will be under the control of the central government and will be responsible for paying the fees of each and every student.

Our Dream

Every Indian Must be a Graduate

Education is the most powerful weapon that can change the world. An entire country can develop rapidly if every citizen gets educated. Apart from providing free education, our dream is to help those facing family constraints by granting money for domestic expenses.

One Nation Free Operation

(Under One Nation Free Operation, we at Freedom Party will ensure that,)

A new Digital Hospital will be built in every state by the central government with required facilities, catering to the lower and middle class citizens of the society.
The hospital will be dedicated to surgeries only, and have 500 specialized surgeons, 2000 nurses and 5000 supporting staff and will be equipped with 500 ICU beds.
The entire air-conditioned facility will be handled by a private company and hospital at least 100 operation procedures will take place every day.
The central government will make monthly payments to doctors, nurses, staff and the private management company.

Our Dream

Free Hospital Facilities For All

Expensive surgeries, operations and emergency medical care cannot be afforded by the working class and middle class. On the other hand, government hospitals that offer services at affordable prices are in pathetic shape. We aim to bring facilities and amenities that are present in private hospitals to government hospitals so that every citizen can come here for their treatment.

One Nation 25% Concession

We promise to offer a 25% concession on,
  • Petrol, Diesel & Gas
  • Gas Cylinder, Electricity Bill & Water Bill
  • Train Tickets & Bus Tickets
  • Rice, Wheat, Oil & Sugar

Our Dream

Controlling in india

Inflation has become a cause of worry for every citizen in the country especially the lower and middle-class section of the society. Festivals and days of celebration are causing more stress than joy and this is because of low income and high inflation. Our dream is to create a change in the system which will enable people to save money in addition to spending their monthly income without hesitation. We will ensure that every Indian lives a prosperous and comfortable life.

One Nation Free Accommodation

We are focused to initiate new community halls in every state for orphans, handicaps, beggars, old-aged and widows. They will be given employment and the profits will be utilized for their well-being.

Our Dream

Rid India of Beggary and Helplessness

Our vision to remove beggars from the country requires that we first gather the destitute, homeless persons and beggars and provide them food, shelter and medical services. The next step would be to give each and every one of them jobs, for which the salary earned will be spent for their well-being. Any profits on these earnings can be utilized by the government. This way no one will be in pain and everyone’s life can be happy and prosperous.

One Nation Women Evolution

All women will be given facilities to Work from Home including IT works, handicrafts, tailoring, etc.

Our Dream

Women & Men Work as a Team

It is unfortunate that millions of talented women and stuck inside the house and are unable to put their skills to good use. When men and women work together, their monthly expenses will be taken care of and financial stability will be maintained at home. In fact, the government will also benefit from women’s contributions. We will ensure that every woman gets a job of their choice and women of the minority section, who do not wish to step out for work, will be given Work from Home options.

One Nation Free Function

New function halls will be built in every state exclusively maintained for marriages of poor people. All these functions will be held free of cost.

Our Dream

Affordable Marriage for Every Indian Girl

Thousands of poor girls are not getting married due to economic reasons, demands of dowry and increasing expenses of hosting a wedding. We envisioned a new system that will make marriages cheaper and easier to host. By arranging multiple weddings i.e. upto 1 00 weddings at the same time, plenty of resources such as rent for the venue, electricity and man-power can be saved. Our dream is to make marriages more efficient.

One Nation More Income

We will ensure that teachers, lecturers and professors will receive high salaries and more facilities. Similarly, in private hospitals, will give better salaries facilities to doctors and nurses.

Our Dream

Teachers, Lectures, Doctors and nurses should get high salaries

We have seen that owners of hospitals, schools and colleges make a lot of money but pay meager amounts as salaries to their staff. We want that a new system be created in which every employee must be insured and minimum salaries for various professions must be given, as follows.

  • Doctors -1,50,000/-
  • Nurses – 50,000/
  • Engineers- 80,000/-
  • Teachers -40,000/-
  • Lectures – 60,000/-
  • Professors – 80,000/-

Jai Jawan Jai Kisan

We at Freedom Party, promise to farmers across the country that loss occurred due to storms or due to the lack of rain, will be compensated by us within 1 5 days.

Our Dream
Empower Every Farmer in the Country

A big threat that India is facing is that farmers are abandoning agriculture and migrating to cities for alternative career options. Many farmers have lost lives and are continuing to commit suicide due to a lack of yield and productivity. As a government, it is their duty to support and enable them by providing facilities such as advanced machinery on low rents, etc.

One Nation Labour Evolution

By opening new factories and industries, we promise at least 5 crore new government jobs and 5 crore private jobs for the people of India.

Our Dream

Reputed Job for Every Indian

Crores of people in India are succumbing to depression and resorting to criminal activities such as robbery, fraud, etc. because of unemployment. With the head of the family having no job, the entire family is insecure and becomes very disturbed and worried. The government needs to ensure that no one remains unemployed and Freedom Party will make the necessary efforts to provide jobs for everyone.

One Country Free Security

We aim to implement the following security measures for important persons.

  • Z+ Category for all Judges of the Supreme Court
  • Z Category for all Judges of the High Court
  • Y Category for all Bollywood Super Stars
  • X Category for all Judges of District Court & Senior Advocates of Supreme Court

Our Dream

Every Distinguished Man has Special Security

Each advocate will also be given a chamber in court and ensure salaries of more than I lakh rupees every month.

We believe that some important personalities such as Judges. Bollywood stars etc., might be at risk for various reasons and deserve special security. They hold a unique place in society and have high-income levels, which is why they need to be protected. We also want Advocates belonging to smaller cities to have higher income and individual chambers in the court.